80 Years of RAAF 1921 - 2001
Phantom, Hornet and Skyhawk in Aust Service

80 Years of RAAF 1921 - 2001

80 years of RAAF 1921 - 2001 published by Chevron is a glossy official RAAF magazine that is now available at all good news agents (in Australia at least) if they don't have it ask if they can get a copy for you it is worth the trouble. RRP is AU$ 7.70 pretty good for this sort of publication.

80 years of RAAF is well written and presented and covers a great deal of info about the RAAF. From a brief but well written history to todays high tech jets that we love so much as well as a couple of surprise chapter like Phantoms in the Air Force, Get that shot- Aviation Photography, Hornet fighter displays, Air Force tomorrow and a good article on the Roulettes.

As can be expected from an official RAAF publication 80 years of RAAF is well researched and spot on with its info and has some great shots of aircraft from all eras. You will find a full listing of all aircraft operated by the RAAF with quantities, dates operated and their 'A' number serial prefix. In short no RAAF enthusiast should be with out this one. Shore there are better detailed accounts of RAAF history out there but that is missing the point. This magazine is a celebration of the RAAF from all eras and at this price is worth it.

Rating on Paulís scale one plane forget it three planes good five planes excellent.

Phantom, Hornet and Skyhawk
In Australian Service
Stewart Wilson

This Book is one of the Australian airpower series available through Aerospace Publications The same people that bring you the Australian Aviation magazine and if you're an Australian and do not know this publication shame on you its only Australiaís leading aviation mag. And if you are a subscriber to Australian Aviation you receive a healthy discount on all their books.

Phantom, Hornet and Skyhawk is an A4 size book of 187 pages available in hard or soft cover. Each aircraft is covered in detail from development, RAAF or in the case of the Skyhawk RAN (Royal Australian Navy) selection through service life to retirement except for the Hornet of course which is still in service. An interesting feature of this book is the interviews with pilots who served in these aircraft describing a mission and their thoughts of the planes they loved to fly. The book is split into three sections covering each aircraft separately with a large number of photos and diagrams and a complete listing of Australian serial numbers. This book is worth the asking price of $21.95 soft cover $32.95 hard cover just for the information that it contains some of which has never been published before.

I found this book to be an excellent source of information as well as a great read. RAAF enthusiasts who still have a space collecting dust on the book shelf should be tacking a good look at this book or any of the others in this series. With all books in this series having at least three aircraft from the Tiger Moth to the Hornet the aviation enthusiast is well catered for. As far as Phantom, Hornet and Skyhawk is concerned I think you would be hard pressed to find a better reference source for these particular RAAF & RAN aircraft.

Rating on Paulís scale one plane forget it three planes good five planes excellent.

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