This Page is dedicated to the RAAF Base Williamtown and the men and women that work there. It gives me great pride to know that Australia's main fighter base is practically in my backyard and every time I hear a fighter jet over head I am reminded of the contribution that this base makes not only to Newcastle but to Australia as a whole.

The Base

Situated 30km north of Newcastle, RAAF base Williamtown was formed on the 15 February 1941 to protect the strategic port and industrial areas of the region. It has been a permanent fighter base ever since and is now headquarters to the RAAF's Air Combat Group (ACG) who control all of Australia's front line fighter and strike aircraft, the Australian Defence Warfare Center, and the RAAF's New Surveillance and Control Group (SCG). Williamtown is home to over fifty of Australia's Hornets plus Pilatus PC-9's, the new Hawk lead in fighters having been assembled at BAe Systems new facility at Williamtown and the new AEW&C aircraft when they arrive in a couple of years time and is where all work and testing will be carried out on the Hornets as they go through the Hornet upgrade program (HUG).
(source RAAF)

Williamtown turns 60

On the 15 Feb 2001 Williamtown celebrated 60 years as a RAAF fighter base. Williamtown has come a long way from its early beginnings when it was just a cleared grass strip with a couple of wartime huts for workshops and accommodation. Even the first aircraft to arrive was an elderly Gipsy Moth flown by the Commanding Officer. The first fighters did not arrive until July 1941 starting RAAF aircrew training at Williamtown which has continued to this day.

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